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Dandales online dating

It presents clinically as multiple well-demarcated, dome-shaped papules, 2-10 mm in size, with a shiny smooth surface, over the perianal region, buttocks, vulvar, and scrotal area or around entero-stomal region.

The lesions may become ulcerated or friable and there is a risk of secondary infection.

Some authors are of the opinion that granuloma gluteale infantum, Jacquet's erosive dermatitis, and PPPN are same entity resulting from a local response to chronic irritation, Treatment should be aimed at reducing the irritation and prevention of secondary infection by removal of precipitating factor and recovery of skin barrier function.

The term PPPN is preferred because it is clinically descriptive.

Cutaneous examination revealed multiple 3-12 mm flat topped moist papules, few verrucous nodules, some of these lesions coalesced to form plaques at the perianal area extending upto the labia majora.

On histology marked epidermal hyperplasia and pale keratinocytes in the epidermis was seen. This rare condition can be mistaken with sexually transmitted diseases leading to unnecessary investigations and treatment.

Perianal pseudoverrucous papules and nodules (PPPN) is a rare entity attributed to chronic irritation.

We came across this entity in a case of spina bifida.

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