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Dating website portsmouth

While the new towns were occasionally given the names of the leading grantees, not a few of them bore the historic names of English royalty, frequently those of friends and relatives of Governor Wentworth and his own royal family, the Rockinghams, in England.

Many of the beneficiaries were soldiers who had fought in the Indian wars, while a few were of Dutch origin, such as might settle from New York in New Hampshire. The Proprietors could convey only the soil, while the political rights and powers of government came from the province.

" Thus the settlement of New Hampshire did not happen because those who came here were persecuted out of England.

Fees were nominal, often only a shilling or an ear of corn a year.

All tall pines should be saved for the King’s navy. He was succeeded by his nephew who later became Sir John Wentworth, the last of the royal governors.

Taking the idea from the English government, a community of "towns" was erected, and this became a "royal province" in 1679 with John Cutt as president, with a population intended to be as nearly like England as it could be.

The "royal province" continued until 1698 when it came under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts with Joseph Dudley as Governor. During that time England’s throne had been ruled by William and Mary, Queen Anne, and George I, and New Hampshire was administered by no less than eight lieutenant governors.

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The other division under the Hilton brothers set up their fishing stages on a neck of land eight miles above, which they called Northam, afterwards named Dover.