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After she identified me, Miss Lawson says, Parker told her to delete the photo and “forget I sent it to you.” She kept it, however, and emailed it to me.

The image was a shot of a laptop screen on which a video of me was playing.

Several security issues were identified, including broken doors and cameras, and unused metal detectors. Assistant Warden Parker took a similar position at another CCA prison.When the lawyer told me her son’s name—Damien Coestly—it took me back to my first day on the job, when I was working suicide watch.It had been a year since I’d pulled my chair across from him as he sat on the toilet, his entire body hidden under his suicide blanket. received a letter from a law firm representing CCA.He had told me to “get the fuck out of here” and threatened that if I didn’t he would “get up on top of this bed and jump straight onto [his] motherfucking neck.” He had gone on hunger strike repeatedly to protest the limited dietary options and inadequate mental health services. The letter dropped hints that the company had been monitoring my recent communications with inmates and was keeping an eye on my social-media presence. The smallest parole violation could land him back in prison.CCA’s counsel claimed I was bound by the company’s code of conduct, which states, “All employees must safeguard the company’s trade secrets and confidential information.” Since guards are not privy to confidential business information, the implication is that what I experienced and observed inside Winn should remain secret. “If they were ever to see me again, they wouldn’t have too much of a liking for me. After we sit and talk awhile, he stops scoping out everyone who passes by, and he stares out at the glistening surface. He walks down to the bank, scoops up some water, brings it to his nose, and breathes in deep.

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Police body-cam footage that I later obtained shows one deputy grabbing James’ camera as James struggles to hang on to it, telling the officer that searching his camera and memory cards would be illegal.