Free islamic polygamy dating sites

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Free islamic polygamy dating sites

If web entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala’s dating site looks mundane, it’s because that’s the point.He’s trying to take the idea of polygamy, which has deep roots in Muslim culture, and take it mainstream.I think this guy is only using the polygamy lifestyle as an excuse to be with more than one woman. If you are ok with him sleeping with her, what do you care if he wants another wife??

Despite being a longtime feature in Muslim and Mormon culture (though often shunned by the mainstream adherents to these religions) polygamy’s never featured prominently in the biggest dating sites.The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want friends/family who desert you as soon as you don't conform to their opinion of how you should life your life.Remember you aren't asking them to live it, you just want them to not let your life choices come between you.See ladies, when your only other choice is a man so scared that if it weren't for monogamy he wouldn't be able to find anyone and would die a lonely looser...polygamists start to look better and better LOLI mean we don't care if you want to be a part of our family or not... He is afraid that if given then choice you'd rather share the good man than deal with him so he attacks anyone suggesting that you are capable of making the choice on your own.

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You enter your age, location, status, physical attributes, bio, and what you’re looking for.

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