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A new doctor's life leaves little time for socializing, let alone dating.

Most of the people Janet worked with at the hospital couldn't believe that, as stunningly beautiful as she was, she had no significant other.

Janet Ellenson had never been what most folks called "an average female." She tested at genius levels when she was six, graduated high school at thirteen, then got her Ph D and became doctor four days shy of her 20 birthday, earning her the nickname "Miss Doogie Howser" during her internship and residency at Gravel River Hospital.

But her intelligence was not the only thing that made her above average.

Janet had sat next to the shy blonde and struck up a conversation that led to her asking Diana if she wanted to share her apartment.

Tara was also catching her breath from the quaking orgasm that Janet had given her with her tongue and fingers.

Her legs felt like just-boiled pasta and it took her a few tries to get off the couch.

Being a child prodigy didn't help matters much either.

Janet always found herself going to schools with students much older than her and couldn't relate to them.

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Her roommate, Diana, was a willowy blonde that Janet had met at the local coffee shop the year before.