Problem updating iphone 3gs to 4 3

Posted by / 26-Dec-2017 12:47

You will get a whole bunch of i Tunes errors like 1015.

All this does is wipe your device clean, so that i OS 4 can be installed on a spick-and-span i Phone 3G. Just make sure your backup has run before you initiate the restore!

However, after having read this report by the good folks at TUAW this morning, I figured I should take heed and do things the proper way. i Tunes should pop open, provide you have ‘Open i Tunes when this i Phone is connected’ ticked off in your summary tab.

It seems as though many folks running the i Phone 3G are getting ‘3002’ errors when attempting the update. With my trusty old i Phone 3G in hand, I set off to install i OS 4 goodness. Once in and i Tunes finishes backing-up and syncing, if you are not greeted with an update alert, hit the ‘check for updates’ button.

Get the latest Redsn0w – Red Sn0w — Mac is 0.9.9b7and Windows is 0.9.9b71) Make sure i Tunes is not running.

1) Launch redsn0w 4) Follow the steps in redsn0w to get the i Phone 3GS into DFU mode which is going to send the screen to black 5) Launch i Tunes, hold the shift/option key whilst clicking on “Restore”, then navigate and choose the custom restore – either your own or the downloaded one that starts with NO_BB (which preserves the existing baseband).

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When this happens, you’ll notice the ‘set up your i Phone’ screen in i Tunes.

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