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Psyclit online dating

By default, the Cochrane Library will search “Cochrane Reviews” (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, aka CDSR) as well as “Other Reviews,” aka DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects), although the latter is no longer being updated as of 2015.The Cochrane Library also searches “Technology Assessments” (Health Technology Assessment Database), and “Economic Evaluations” (NHS Economic Evaluation Database).

It is also important to note that what is considered “recent” will depend on your discipline and the topic.Once you have a reasonably well defined research question, it is important to make sure your project has not already been recently and successfully undertaken.This means it’s important to find out if there are other research syntheses (including systematic reviews) that have been published or that are in the process of being published on your topic.These tips may not cover every possible type of research synthesis but they provide a decent start.The Cochrane Library (including systematic reviews of interventions, diagnostic studies, prognostic studies, and more) is an excellent place to start.

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